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Thank you to all who contributed to our #EMSinspiration contest on Facebook and Twitter.  In a profession where we often can see many dark and unspeakable things, it is helpful to remember what brought us to seek out jobs in EMS.  All the stories were moving and heartfelt.  Here are the stories from our 5 winners:

Jodi L Bondy
I took EMT class in high school. Our closest hospital was an hour away and the best one was over 2 hours. We were a small community and I wanted to help people. My dad was on the fire department and I would respond on runs with him. Now 40 years later, I am still serving my community and love it. #EMSinspiration #EMS

Sara Bires
I always had a respect for EMS. A family friend is a paramedic and I’ve always wanted to follow her footsteps. I want to help somebody in a time of need. I remember the one time I had to call for EMS and the paramedic was absolutely amazing. And I actually got to share my story with her and tell her how much she meant to me

Star Lilley
I’ve wanted to do this ever since high school (I’m in my 30s now). I can’t remember any specific incidents that inspired me- I just knew as a kid I always wanted to be a “helper”. If there was someone that needed help I wanted to be able to know how to help them, how to save them, and not have to just stand by helpless while they were suffering or dying wasting precious time waiting for someone else. I wanted to be that person- you never know when Gods going to put you in the right place at the right time, and I truly feel called to this. EMS is my first stop on my way into nursing school, but I love it and I plan to continue through nursing school and beyond. There’s no feeling quite like knowing that you can make a difference and that’s you can help someone live. Life is precious- never take it for granted.

Oswin Roentgen
When my mother was diagnosed with celiac sprue (gluten allergy) 20 years ago. I will never forget the first responders who incorrectly decided that (since my mother was malnourished, and taking nutritional supplements) my mother had tried to kill herself by overdosing. I decided right then and there I would listen to the whole story, and take people seriously. I was 15 at the time. I shouldn’t have had to explain to uninformed medics that my mother was sick (undiagnosed) and prescribed nutritional supplements.

Inge Luce
My Grandfather died of prostate cancer. Near the end, the Nazareth PA EMS would pick him up frequently when he fell, allowing him to stay at home as long as he could. In his honor. #EMSinspiration

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