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Limmer Education does not offer a money back guarantee on our test prep apps.

Are you are shocked?

We have seen a lot of products out there flaunting a money back guarantee as a main selling point. There are a few problems with this:

  1. We find it odd that a company would use as a main selling point that they will give you money back if you fail. Of course to prove you fail you’ll probably have to send your letter that says you failed. This is a bummer and something most people wouldn’t do. Plus, some companies don’t really give your your money back, they just let keep using their product by extending your subscription. If you failed using it once, how confident are you that it is the right study program for you?
  2. The NREMT numbers from the past year show that on average, 67% of the people who take the NREMT pass the first time. In theory, this means that 33% of users will want their money back.  If you don’t make it by the third attempt, statistically you aren’t going to pass. The success rate after a third attempt is dismal.
  3. We believe that our apps and web products are high-quality and will clearly help someone pass the NREMT. But we can’t prove if you use it. We also don’t know if you paid attention in class, studied, barely passed your class or if your instructor prepared you or not.
  4. Finally, do books and other products offer a money-back guarantee? No. Why? Probably largely because of point #3 above–and because they know that they are an adjunct to your learning. They are one of the ways you chose to study.

This is why you will see Limmer Education advertisements for products focus on our high-quality products–not what happens when you fail. This is why our new versions include more than double the study items including new learning cards, pathophysiology, critical thinking and more.

Our singular mission is to help you pass the test. We will provide you the best study material on the market and consider ourselves a partner in your learning. You can call us, email us, heck… send us a text and we will be happy to talk to you about strategies to help you pass the NREMT.

But ultimately, whether you pass is up to you.

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