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We probably don’t need to tell anyone that life moves at its own speed – regardless of how much time you’ve set aside to study in your own space. Luckily, some clever tools and preparedness make cramming on-the-go an effective practice.


You will probably accumulate dozens of flash cards through your regular study prep, but we suggest making a few that are specific for quick review. Keep them in a backpack, handbag, or any other everyday tote, so they’re always handy. Reserve these cards for the topics that require the most attention.

Note Photos

Having something you can hold will help you stay engaged with the material, but when you’re on the go, packing light is equally important. Take photos of your notes and store them on your phone. In those spare moments throughout the day where you might usually check your social media – review your notes instead.

Be Prepared

Consider investing in a set of spare chargers, headphones, pens, and paper to keep only in your bag. Nothing kills productivity like running out of battery or being without a good writing utensil.

Good for Review – Bad for Learning

Use any on-the-go study time wisely. Review material you’ve already covered, and leave new topics, terms, and subjects for your disciplined study time.

Practice Apps

Using study apps, like those from Limmer Education, gives you a full suite of resources, knowledge, and practice exams. Efficient studying is mostly about having the right mindset, but the right tools get you a lot farther in your progress.


Driving is the one time when you should absolutely NOT be trying to review your notes, but that doesn’t mean it’s idle time. There are some great EMS Podcasts. They may not cover the specific topics you need to review, but it keeps your brain connected to the functions and language of EMS. Some of our favorites are Medic2Medic Podcast, Inside EMS Podcast, Prehospital Emergency Care.

Carpool to Class

Another great way to make use of a commute is to bring classmates along for the ride. Quiz each other, discuss what you’re struggling with, or what comes easy. Talking through the material with fellow students is a great way to get new perspectives and escape from your own head.

Don’t Burn Out

Using every spare moment to try to fit in review time is a great way to overwhelm and burn yourself out. Pick one or two times a day for mobile studying. Maybe it’s on your drive or rides to work, walking the dog, cooking, etc. Don’t try to make ALL of your free time cram time.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with how much preparation goes into preparing for the NREMT. Remember though, it is the biggest step to fulfilling your dream of becoming an EMS provider.

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