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You don’t study as much as you should and when you do, you often study the wrong things.

There. We said it.

When students come to talk to Dan Limmer in his weekly NREMT review, he’ll ask them if they’ve studied. Students say they have. When Dan asks them how, the most common answer is, “Well, I re-read my book a little.” Others will say they took some questions they found online (usually not relevant NREMT-style) or watched some YouTube videos.

Sound familiar?

These study habits just aren’t enough—and they don’t help you with the questions you will see on the NREMT exam. Our EMTReview.com was built to help students with reliable and strategic information in three key areas:

  • Knowledge
  • Interpreting realistic NREMT questions
  • Building confidence for exam success

EMTReview.com now offers subscribers a new resource: 5 Week Study Guides—one week for each section of the NREMT—to help you study the most important things in a reasonable time frame.

  1. Airway, Respiration, and Ventilation
  2. Trauma
  3. Medical Emergencies
  4. Cardiology and Resuscitation
  5.  Operations

The new study guides tell you how to best use resources you already have (like textbooks and apps) and provide exercises designed to encourage the critical thought processes necessary to pass the NREMT.

You can preview Week 4 for EMT. You’ll notice that the plan advises students on how to best use their book, apps, and the EMTReview.com site. The exercises in these sections get to some of the most critical components the NREMT will ask: decision-making and AHA guidelines.

The first exercise takes decision-making and breaks down to some very simple components: What is most important? This matches what the NREMT asks when they end a question with, “You should…”

The second exercise makes sure you know the rates, ratios, and facts you will most certainly be asked on the NREMT. Each of the 5 weekly guides uses a philosophy geared toward high-value information and an efficient use of your time.

At the completion of the exercises, the study plan asks you to evaluate your knowledge. Do you feel you now know the material better? Do you feel prepared for the NREMT? This critical evaluation is necessary to confidently take the NREMT.

Remember, as a member of EMTReview.com you can join weekly live study session with Dan Limmer to discuss your work and deepen your understanding. This is the only exam preparation product on the market that provides resources your success from so many different angles.

It’s helped hundreds of EMT and paramedic students before. Let EMTReview.com help you today.

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