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EMT PASS App for the NREMTMany people use the EMT PASS  app and are surprised because it isn’t exactly what they were taught in class or what is in their protocols. And that is exactly the strength of the app—you don’t have to wait to get to the test center and sit down in front of the computer to have a true registry-like experience.

The following 10 things are tips we learned from working with Bill so closely on the app. It is our belief that these tips—and the EMT PASS app—will help you succeed on the NREMT. To learn more about each of these tips be sure to listen to our YouTube video of the same title!  


#1. Not all patients get oxygen. Patients who do get oxygen probably get a cannula unless they are really bad.

#2. You really need to understand pathophysiology.

#3. Many times the “right” answer isn’t there. You have to choose the best answer.

#4. My protocols and what is taught in class may be slightly different than what is asked on the NREMT.

#5. You need to think less rigidly. Less black and white. It is about critical thinking.

#6. Each question is separate from the next. You must evaluate each question carefully.

#7. There are no set rules like “always choose airway” or “if in doubt give oxygen.”

#8. Differentiation between respiratory distress and respiratory failure is crucial.

#9. You must study. I repeat: You must study.

#10. Time is not your enemy. You have enough time to read carefully and think about the best answer for each question.