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The NREMT will begin scoring new question types on ALS exams on July 1, 2024. This is one of several changes that will affect AEMT and paramedic exams starting in July. We’ve already written about some of the other changes. Below we’ll take a look at each of the newest TEIs (technology enhanced items) so you know what to expect when you sit down to take your exam.

Most students haven’t seen questions like these on class tests. If you want to be the most prepared you can be, you can practice all the NREMT’s new question types in these products:

NREMT New Question Types for 2024

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop questions may be used in a variety of ways, including moving answer choices or repositioning items on a list. The NREMT has said there is no partial credit for these. Video example of NREMT drag & drop.

Option/Check Box

Option/Check Box questions require you to select answers or designate categories within a checkbox table. The NREMT has said there is no partial credit for these. You must check every box correctly. Video example of NREMT option boxes.

Build a List

Build a List questions give you a list of options in one column and a blank list in another column. Your job is to put the options in the correct order. (HINT: It’s a lot like following skill sheets.) Video example of NREMT Build a List.

Clinical Judgement Scenarios

The other new question format that starts scoring for ALS exams on July 1 is performance scenarios, also called clinical judgement scenarios. These are a series of questions based on the same scenario that test leadership, communication, and clinical judgment. Scenarios start en route and progress through scene and post scene.

Within a performance scenario, you may see a combination of drag and drop, option box, and build a list questions!

simplified version of NREMT graphic overview of NREMT Performance Scenario Questions on ALS Exams

Image Courtesy of NREMT

Visit the NREMT’s website for more details about each of the new questions.

Practice the New NREMT Question Types

Limmer Education is actively developing new TEI questions and scenarios for our test prep. We continually update products as new content passes our quality assurance standards.

EMTReview.com: Practice Tests with All the New Question Types

For the most thorough NREMT TEI practice, we recommend EMTReview.com. Site membership includes practice exams with all the new question types.

Paramedic users have several different TEI-based tests, plus multiple performance scenarios. We even added a TEI-based test for EMT users! All of these are found within the Simulated Exams section.

EMTReview.com has practice exams with ALL the new question types


PASS and Review Apps: New Question Types Added for Paramedic, AEMT, and EMT

All of our PASS and Review Plus products now include build a list, option boxes, drag and drop, and multiple response items. The ALS products also include clinical judgement scenarios (10-12 questions per scenario), written and reviewed by a team of NREMT experts.
screenshot of LC-Ready app (paramedic review plus) showing two new butttons in the testing menu. Buttons say "NREMT Performance Scenario"

AEMT PASSAEMT PASS logo/icon:  525 ultra-challenging questions will determine your readiness and help you focus your study. When you complete the practice questions, take the simulated NREMT exams and the performance scenario exam. Our PASS Predictor tells you if you’re ready for the real deal!

AEMT ReviewAEMT Review logo/icon:  Get a comprehensive review of your AEMT class while studying for the NREMT! 1,400 items are included in study cards, review questions, and practice tests. Great for brushing up on things you missed in class while getting a solid foundation of NREMT prep.

Paramedic PASSparamedic pass app logo:  The 500 practice questions in this app are famously difficult. But we guarantee they will make you think, make you learn, and prepare you for the NREMT. When you finish the practice questions, take the simulated tests and the performance scenario exam. The PASS Predictor tells you how ready you are for the National Registry.

Paramedic Review PlusEMT Review Plus logo/icon:  The topical reviews in this app will give you a deep dive into the paramedic curriculum. After review, practice with four, 100-question NREMT-style exams. The exams were all updated in 2022, followed by two full-length performance scenario exams in 2023 – so you know you’re getting the most up-to-date content. Includes bonus sections covering ECG interpretation and medical calculations!

If you have questions about NREMT’s new question styles, drop a comment below!

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  • Keith Miller says:

    When will the new NREMT Paramedic test format (July 1, 2024 format) be available for paramedic program purchase such as for our current and upcoming next class?

    • Stephanie Limmer says:

      Hi Keith- They are all currently available in EMT, AEMT and Paramedic PASS and our EMTReview.com subscription program. They will be in the Review products by the end of the month.

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